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Fios Feasa is a multimedia software development and language consultancy firm based in the heart of the Gaeltacht, that is, the Irish-speaking region of Ireland.

It was founded in 1997 to publish quality multimedia products that wed traditional Irish culture and language with state-of-the-art technology. Since then, it has aquired an excellent reputation for the quality of its products and services.


Ruairí san Ospidéal

Fios Feasa are delighted to announce the launch of a NEW TITLE, Ruairí san Ospidéal ("Ruairí in Hospital").

The program is available in two different ways: you can download it directly from the site, or if you prefer, we will send it to you on CD-ROM. It is priced at €30, regardless of the mode of delivery (if you choose the CD-ROM, there will be a small postal charge).

If you order this title now, you can get it at a SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE; the details are all below. We will also be giving away three copies of the CD-ROM in a special draw, FREE GRATIS and FOR NOTHING; again, the details are all below.

Ruairí san Ospidéal ("Ruairí in Hospital")

What is in this program?

This is an interactive multimedia storybook, based on the book of the same name (written by the famous children’s author Colmán Ó Raghallaigh, and published by Cló Mhaigh Eo). It’s another exciting adventure for the rascal Ruairí and his friends: Máirtín is in hospital, and Ruairí and Séimí decide to visit him. But what will they bring as a present?

This is the third story in the Ruairí series for which Fios Feasa has produced a computer-based version. As is the case for the other two, Drochlá Ruairí (“Ruairí’s Bad Day”) and Ruairí sa Zú (“Ruairí at the Zoo”), the text of the story has been arranged in the three main dialects, and you can hear it read aloud by native Irish speakers. You can move from one dialect to another one any time you like. The original illustrations by Ann Marie O’Carroll have been fully animated to the highest standard. At the end of each page, you can click on the words of the text to hear them said on their own; there are a few hidden surprises to find on each page as well, and if you don’t click around, you won’t find them! There are different games on each page: jigsaw puzzles, cloze exercises, and colouring pages. A loose English language translation is also provided.

In addition, a comprehensive well-illustrated text about health matters is also included. On each page, you can access part of the health text that relates to that part of the story, or you can go through the whole health text at any time. This text is designed to serve the “Social, Personal, and Health Education” curriculum in the middle classes in the Republic, and the strand  “Personal Understanding and Health” in the “Personal Development and Mutual Understanding” curriculum at Key Stage 2 in Northern Ireland.

Special Draw

The draw for October and November is now closed. Congratulations to the following people, who won a copy each of our new CD-ROM,
Ruairí san Ospidéal (“Ruairí in Hospital”):

  • Eilis Ní Raghallaigh
  • Esther Göbl Uí Nualláin
  • Gemma Kettle

A new draw will be opened Monday, 20 November, and will run until Christmas.

Congratulations still go to Michael O’Leary, who won our last draw, a copy of our CD-ROM An Chéad Choiscéim ("First Steps in Irish"), along with a copy of its associated Workbook.


Special Draw

For the next draw, we will be giving away three copies of our brand new CD-ROM, Ruairí san Ospidéal ("Ruairí in Hospital"), FREE GRATIS and FOR NOTHING. This draw will run until the middle of Novebmer; to be exact, until mid-day Irish time on Saturday, the 18th of November. Any given person can only enter once.

Click here to enter the draw; you don't need to purchase anything at all to enter!

Special Offer

Ruairí san Ospidéal is available to be delivered to you on CD-ROM, or by direct download. The price is €30, regardless of the mode of delivery (if you choose the CD-ROM, there will be a small postal charge). As a special offer, however, If you order it by the 18th of November, you can have it for only €20! That’s ONE-THIRD OFF. Click here to order this special offer, or to learn more about it.

In addition, if you order Ruairí san Ospidéal together with the other two titles in the same series (Drochlá Ruairí agus Ruairí sa Zú), you’ll get the new title for free! That’s a €90 value for only €60 (plus postage). If you take advantage of this offer, you will receive all three titles on CD-ROM. Click here to order this special offer, or to learn more about it.


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