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Amhrán is Fiche don Nollaig - Research complete

Research has been completed for Amhrán is Fiche don Nollaig, the third in a series of music CD-ROMs by Fios Feasa. We decided early on that we would only use Christmas songs which had been originally composed in Irish on the CD, rather than translations of popular songs from other languages. There were also a couple of Christmas poems for which we decided to commission original music. Although it is often claimed that there just aren’t many Christmas songs in Irish, it wasn’t long before we had quite a long list. We had to work this down to the required number of 21, while trying to keep a variety of enjoyable songs, including both well-known traditional favourites and songs not widely known or sung. Once we had selected the titles, we then needed to research the words to obtain the definitive lyrics, make some adjustments to the language to make it more accessible to a modern audience, and explore copyright issues so that proper permissions could be obtained for all of the 21 songs selected.

The following is a list of the tracks that will be on the CD ROM:

  1. Bhí an Sneachta ag Titim
  2. Coinnle an Linbh Íosa
  3. Le Coinnle na nAingeal
  4. Chuadar Siar is Aniar na Sráideanna
  5. Chughainn do Seoladh Teachtaire Dé
  6. Cuireadh do Mhuire
  7. Dia do Bheatha a Naí Anocht
  8. Dia do Bheatha a Naidhe Naiomh
  9. An Eipeafáine
  10. Ghluais an Dís
  11. Íosagáin a Tháinig Chughainn
  12. Na Leanaí i mBeithil
  13. An Leanbh Íosa
  14. An Nollaig Theas
  15. Don Oíche Úd i mBeithil
  16. Rug Muire Mac do Dhia
  17. Seacht gCéad Déag Míle Fáilte
  18. Seol Chughainn Síocháin
  19. Soilse na Nollag
  20. Insa Stábla
  21. Suantraí na Maighdine